we believe in magic

The goal of the WeAreMagic initiative is to create technological innovation for everyday life. We work, generally speaking, on projects that are exciting, beneficial, and above all, inspiring. Our compromise with the final user is to deliver products that are simple to use, yet powerful. Quality is the highest priority.

a magician who does reveal his secrets

We do not abide by the old adage. We believe in sharing the knowledge and ideas behind our own projects, to anyone who desires to understand them. After all, somebody has got to keep the magic alive. We will achieve this by creating tutorials and guides with content inspired on our work, covering multiple areas of technology.

Furthermore, we have the intention of releasing most of our own work as open source, so anyone can understand how the programs work behind the screen, and hopefully learn something in the process. Visit our GitHub page to keep up with our latest open source projects.

Let's Play With Tech
Mexico, 2019